Thursday, November 17, 2011

Crazy Sock Day!

Ahhh the joys of having a great friend right next door! My life at Boger would not be nearly as fun without our amazing music teacher.  Mrs. Rochelle and I rocking our crazy socks for Red Ribbon week!

Sculpture Club Projects

After having around 130 students sign up for art club, I had to break them into six groups. Each group meets for 4 weeks and then another group starts. We were a little limited on time, but here are some of the first group of sculpture kids clay and paper mache projects.

Kindergarten Starry Night Cityscapes

Kindergarten students have learned a lot about lines so far this year. We are now moving into learning about shapes and how artists use them in their artwork. To begin this lesson, we looked at van Gogh's Starry Night and then painted our own spirals and broken lines in our sky. The next week we used black paper to cut shapes for buildings and colorful paper to make windows and doors. Students were able to practice their newly learned painting skills and their "dot, dot, not a lot!" glueing skills.

Third Grade Owl Collage

Third graders worked in groups to create painted papers in the style of Eric Carle. Each table had a different assignment of which colors to use. They filled their papers with lines and patterns and then we stamped a variety of found objects on top to add visual textures. The following week the students shared the papers and began to create their owl collages by cutting and glueing overlapping shapes together. I have seen these owls all over things and thought it would be a great lesson for my students. This could be used for younger grade levels as well!

Fifth Grade Metal Tooling

Best project ever. Do you ever have those moments when students are working and they are not even talking to each other because they are so focused? Here is one of those moments! Fifth graders artists viewed and discussed characteristics of Mexican Folk Art. Students then began a sketch that had an animal or sun or moon (they could pretty much draw anything as long as they could show me how it worked in their sketch). They then added repeating patterns and line designs in "waves" or "energy lines" around their work. We then used metal sheets (silver on one side, copper on the other) and some wooden stylus tools to create their work. They loved this project and everyone turned out amazing and unique!

First Grade Texture Elephants

If first graders do not know their textures yet, we have a HUGE art problem! This lesson involved tons of textures! We first drew our elephants and made them have a wrinkled texture by outlining with black marker and then painting over the lines with a wet paintbrush. We then used texture scissors to create our patterned background. Finally we added cool patterned papers and actual textures with yarn and sequins. Super cute, and very funny! Loved this project. I could definitely see using it for 2nd grade, but my first graders did a pretty awesome job!