Thursday, February 10, 2011

I have the Best Students EVER!

There are many reasons why I love my students, but this gift rocked! Two girls at my school saw this at Hobby Lobby and purchased it for my art is the coolest ever! My own Dali melting clock! Had to share it......Boger Beacons ROCK!

Second Grade Theibaud Desserts

Second grade students viewed and discussed a collection of paintings that showed different feelings or emotions.  We then looked at a collection of Wayne Theibaud's work and their eyes lit up and smiles jumped on their faces! We talked about why his paintings made us feel so excited and joyful....mostly because they are yummy treats! They could decide if they wanted to make cupcakes or ice cream cones in the style of Theibaud. I do use a stencil for the bottom cone of the ice cream and the bottom part of the cupcake. It helps the students make them the same size and in the correct spaces. They draw the rest themselves! We used oil pastels and tempera cakes to complete these yummy designs.

Third Grade Castles

In third grade we focused on how to use geometric shapes and how to "build" with them to create a castle design. We incorporated shading on the cylinders and cones to make them appear more three dimensional. Students completed their drawings with colored pencil and watercolor paint.

Kindergarten Penguin Landscapes

In Kindergarten, we read the story "Tacky the Penguin", which is one of my favorites to read aloud.  Students then created a landscape to show where a penguin would live, complete with snow, water and some snow capped mountains. Students cut a variety of shapes from scraps of paper and glued them together to make their penguins. I love the expressions on their faces!!! Super cute!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

1st Grade Monet Waterlilies

Students in first grade viewed and discussed many of Monet's waterlily pictures. We used cool colors to make an ABC repeating pattern in the background with tempera paints. Students then used paper scraps to cut and glue their floating waterlilies on top of their pond. After completing this project one of my first graders saw a Monet painting at an art museum he was visiting on vacation and emailed me his picture in front of it. His mom said he was so excited because he knew about Monet and recognized it! Such a cool teaching moment!

5th Grade Optical Illusions

Fifth grade students viewed and discussed Op Art, focused primarily on the work of Victor Vasarely. We talked about how an illusion can show movement and create three dimensional space, while existing on a two dimensional surface. Students used rulers and compasses to create the background of their work. They used sharpies for the black areas of their patterns and colored pencils to show shading in the white areas. Always a favorite! They are so impressed that they made this!

After this student asked why I was not taking a picture of her face, I told her I couldn't put her in my blog without parent permission. This is how she solved that problem for me! Kids can be so funny! 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Kindergarten Matching Line Mittens

Students in kindergarten listened to the story "Mountains of Mittens" and then traced two of their own mittens from a stencil. Students tried to make "matching mittens" using a variety of line designs we had learned in a previous project. Students used torn paper scraps and white paint with q-tip stampers to make their snowy background. Well done Kindergarten!

Fifth Grade Art Club Clay Castles

Fifth Grade art club students made these awesome castle towers out of clay. They used a stencil to carve a slab of clay and different texture tools to make details on the surface of the clay. We painted them with acrylic paint and added either an acrylic glitter glaze medium or an acrylic platinum glaze medium. Students were very proud of their creations!