Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fourth Grade Art Club Paper Mache Letters

Students in my after school art club have been building these amazing paper mache letters. They start by cutting cardboard initials of their name. We hot glue paper towel tubes to add a space in between. Students then tape the sides completely. Then the fun of paper mache begins!!! We paper mache first with newspaper, then white paper, and then tissue paper (which completely stains their hands). After the paper mache is dry, students can glue on little details with buttons and strings. They also can paint or sharpie designs on top of their letter. These do take a long time to complete, but are well worth it! I will add more pictures as soon as this closet full are finished!

Fourth Grade Overlapping Pipes

I found this lesson on and use it as an extra lesson for fourth and fifth grade students who finish early. This lesson is great because it reinforces overlapping, vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines as well as shading. They also look so great and are successful for every student.

Friday, January 28, 2011

First Grade Drawing from Observation

After completing a project, if students in first grade finished early, they could choose an animal to draw from observation. After drawing the animal, they had to decide where the animal would live based on different landscapes shown on the smart board. They then had to draw that landscape with their animal. This was just an extra activity, but they were so cute, I had to share some of their sketches. They look just like their animal!

First Grade Andy Warhol Leaves

Students viewed and discussed the work of Andy Warhol. Students used leaf tracers to make 4 leaves in the squares. We used oil pastels and tempera paint to complete the coloring for these pictures.

Second Grade Crazy Line Leaves

Second Grade artists used a variety of lines and patterns to complete their crazy leaf designs. They filled up their backgrounds with "energy" lines to add some movement to their work.

Second Grade Jungle Birds

In second grade we viewed and discussed the work of Henri Rousseau. Students followed a draw along to get the shapes for their bird, but then were free to add line designs and patterns to their birds body. Students used images of trees and plants to complete their jungle background. We used watercolor crayons and tempera paints to complete these works.