Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fifth Grade Crazy Guitars

Students in fifth grade looked at the work of Picasso and cubism and compared it with more realistic works of art. We also noticed that Picasso was often influenced by music and it showed in his work. Students designed their own crazy guitar, in which things could be seen from different points of view or made into shapes you would not normally see a guitar in. Students could choose their materials to color this project. We created a black and white weaving and splatter painted over it for the background. These are by far the craziest and most amazing pieces to come out of the art room this year! Completely original and creative!

Kindergarten Secondary Color Butterflies

Students have learned about the primary colors; red, yellow and blue. This week we learned that those colors make all of our other rainbow colors. Students traced three butterflies on their paper and colored the grass and sky behind it. Students used primary colors only to create an orange, green and purple butterfly. It was a great second project to the primary caterpillars because we learned that the caterpillar turns into a butterfly, much like our primary colors turn into secondary colors when they are mixed!

First Grade Clay Butterflies

Students in first grade learned how to use clay to create a butterfly from slab construction and a pinch pot. Students used a stencil of a butterfly to cut out the shape. Students carved symmetrical textures into the surface of the clay. Students painted their butterflies to show symmetry as well. After the paint was dry, we added an acrylic glitter glaze for an added sparkle.

Fourth Grade Monochromatic Abstract Paintings

Fourth grade students used a ruler to create a variety of vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines. They added various line designs in different areas. Students chose one color of paint and created tints and shades by adding white and black to their one color. Students outlined the finished piece in black paint.

Fourth Grade Lighthouses

Lighthouses are pretty much a staple to fourth grade artists. We learn how to create the shapes of the lighthouse and how to incorporate shading to make it appear round. Students used watercolor crayons for the background seascape.

First Grade Outer Space Collage

First graders painted abstract warm and cool paintings. The next week we traced different sizes of circles on the paintings to create our planets. Students cut out their circles and glued them to the black paper. Students drew stars, rocket ships and UFO's with aliens in them to add to their work.

Fifth Grade Paper Mache Masks

Students in fifth grade art club used plastic face molds to paper mache these faces. We looked at masks from a variety of different cultures to show different styles. Students painted the surface of their work and added details with feathers, glitter, rhinestones and pretty much whatever else we could find. Students created a border with colors and patterns that would compliment their mask.